Thursday, December 31, 2009

Enter the Dragon

A very interesting article from "The Striking Post".  Take a look:

Enter the Dragon

Thanks to Kris Wilder and Rory Miller, you guys are awe inspiring!

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  1. I think I like the idea of having just a lizard brain. I suppose having a human brain is a good thing as well, to keep the lizard brain in check. :p

    Overall, I really did/do like this article. It makes a lot of sense too. That part of you that just wants to fit in, or does something stupid, even though you know you shouldn't to feel like you belong. I've never had a name for it before, but now I do. I never liked monkeys...

    For the most part I think I'm pretty good at ignoring my monkey brain, except sometimes, not so much. (Like when I was worried about my instructor being upset with me the other week.) Anyway, point is, I think being able to articulate or recognize something is half the battle. So now that I know what my monkey brain is and can recognize what its doing, I can work to silence it.

    So. From here on out, no more monkey mind. Only the human and the lizard mind working together in tandem.