Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You can just go get another job

Yesterday was very enlightening.  We have had a change to the policy of our job and now all the employees in our department are paid hourly.  The change was official on Monday this week and already the management have implemented policy along side this that is overkill.  The focus of the problem comes from the fact that our supervisor tells us that we have to be on time or if tardy in four instances we will be terminated. 

As you can imagine that didn't go over very well.  I was 8 minutes late on Monday and my co-worker was 15 minutes early.  Me tardy and him getting 15 minutes of overtime.  All in all a problem but it can be handled much better than it was for sure. 

Which by the way is not truly the policy.  Not really anyway.  I will go into that some other time.  My co-worker goes over and talks to our team lead about his 15 minutes and tells him that this is a silly rule.  Since the entire rule wasn't made clear there was something of a misunderstanding.  However, instead of sympathy and understanding our team lead said....

"Well, you can just go get a job somewhere else if you don't like it."

This is probably the worst, most stupid and most ignorant thing I have ever heard come out of this man's mouth.  And understand that is saying something.  I went to our supervisor armed with a copy of the policy and he made things a bit more clear but I have to say it is still going to be an issue. 

Oh well.  Time to work a bit harder at getting another job.  Why do people turn to opposition instead of trying to work together.  It isn't easier in the long run.  It creates resentment and ultimately hurts the productivity of your employees.  It was just bad all the way around. 

And!  I work in a catholic hospital.  Supposedly trying to reflect Christian values.  I think they missed the mark a little bit.

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