Monday, July 19, 2010

What interesting behavior...

Well last night was interesting.  I was bouncing at a club here in town and this was my first night working in this place.  It is a small bar attached to a hotel in a part of town that has a lot of Hmong community.  Most of them are good people.  The guys that started fighting were also probably good people too but they were drunk out of their minds and angry.  It was a bad combination.

Around 1:30 or so my friend that was helping with security texts me an alert that something is up.  I ran out of the banquet hall that was being used as a dance club and went across the hall into the bar area.  Apparently a couple of guys were being thrown out by the owner.  I don't know what happened but I asked the guys to clear out.  Me and their friends and others started getting them moving.  Once out of the bar they started hitting the walls and such trying to break things.  The walls were concrete but they started hitting pictures with glass in the frames and at this point I felt it was a good idea to step in and at least try to restrain them from hurting themselves or others.  Plus avoiding property damage should be avoided too.

I jumped forward and slipped my arm around his neck to pull him away from the glass.  I wasn't really trying to choke him out as much as just get him away from the mess to avoid anyone getting hurt and to keep him restrained from breaking more stuff.  He turned and started punching at me.  I got him in another headlock, this time with his head forward under my left arm.  His body behind me.  Still trying to hit me and now getting yelled at some more from his friends.  One other combatant in particular.  I dropped into a deep horse stance still holding the first guy.  I turned to get the guys body between us and the other attacker.  I had about a split second to think and wasn't sure how I was going to get these two out of the hotel.  I was too far from the door and their were too many people in the hallway to move easily. 

I reached around with my right hand and grabbed the guys windpipe.  Trying to get him to pass out so I could turn on the other guy.  However, every time I started to get him to go out the other guy would get close and start swinging.  I let go of his throat and shoved the other guys head away.  Making him fall back and be grabbed by his friends.  That slowed him down just enough for me to grab the frist guy by the windpipe again and close him down to passing out.  Seems like this went on for a second and then the whole group of us got pushed down the hall.  The problem I had was that I backed over a rack used to stack chairs and an old wooden bench.  Now with my feet out from under me I couldn't move.  I was for the most part pinned.  The choke and shove routine continued for a bit.  I remember thinking with great indignation, "stop hitting me, it doesn't hurt and your making me mad." 

Finally, my buddy managed to get the other guys off me and we dragged them out the door.  They yelles about wanting their brother back and monkey danced for a bit.  Me, one of the owners, and my buddy all stood their watching them.  Inside was a different story.  They eventually went out to their cars.

When we went back inside we found out that the third combatant had slapped the hotel manager.  She wasn't hurt but was pressing charges.  While being taken down he bit one of the other bouncers under the arm on the triceps.  It wasn't too bad but it did break the skin.  One of the bartenders is pre-med and she helped make sure he was cleaned up.  The third guy got maced by the armed security guard and was lying face down in his own vomit waiting for the cops.  His hands were cuffed behind his back.

Eventually the cops came and hauled the guy off.  I thought a few times that at the end of the night we might have another fight on our hands when people didn't want to leave the bar area.  That ended up being fixed by getting the band out of the bar.  Once they were gone everyone that remained that were not staff left with them.  It was a very interesting night. 

I have a few bumps and bruises but honestly, no special injuries to speak of...and they all came from the stuff I landed on and not really from the people.

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  1. Glad you made it out relatively unscathed. Now find some security footage so we can analyze this... ;)