Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Be Aware!” Pffft...useless.

I had to share this article from Sensei Kris Wilder. Plus look for the follow up article as well.

“Be Aware!” Pffft...useless.: " by Kris Wilder

I always think that first principle of self defense to be utterly useless, at least as presented.

A considerable amount of my time at stop lights has been spent pondering this idea. “What is awareness and how do I implement it in a manner useful to me?” Clearly I can not walk about like a crazed meth-head flinching at every moth that goes zig – zaggy past me on its way to the nearest light. Assuming that every person is a threat is not going to work either. I am not going to throw down on grandma on line at the Safeway pharmacy, no upside.

I am always seeking ways to condense, to distill, to a single statement, my methodologies. How do you assemble the idea of “Be Aware!”

Well I got that answered by a cop named Ivan that I met at Crossing the Pond Martial X-PO. Ivan said, “The cop has the job of investigating the unusual.” Now we do that all the time, but being aware that we are looking for the unusual is the kicker. Actually we unconsciously look for irregularities all the time. I am suggesting that being actively aware that you are looking for anomalies in pattern makes a tremendous difference in the identification and assessment.

Ask any person that does crowd control, works a door, bounces, or cops, they will tell you they look for the disturbances, the unusual in the patterns and once they find that disturbance then they identify why it is unusual.

Like I said I try to condense these ideas to a useful maxim and what I have here is; “Know you are looking for behavior on either side of normal from the baseline environment.”

Have a better version, a tighter expression of this idea? I am always open for comment.

Oh, and one last thing, those jobs I listed above, their job it go toward the disturbance. My job is to go the other way.


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