Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Becoming a follower

Got a post from "The Striking Post" by Kris Wilder and it was very thought provoking.  However, one note that stood out to me was the one at the end that asked people to become followers of his blog.  This helps him to know who is out there and if we are still listening.  I have done this for Kris and would ask you, if you watch this blog for my posts, become a follower so I know you are listening too.

It is a small thing.  Insignificant mostly.  I will post even if no one is reading just because I like the practice but to know someone reads my posts too would be really spiffy!  Become a follower today.  


  1. Hi Nick, I've signed up and put your blog in my blog role. Feel free to reciprocate ;-). By the way, thanks for your contribution to my post on black belt tips.