Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Laws of Nature and The Crosswalk

Part 2...good stuff!

Laws of Nature and The Crosswalk: " by Kris Wilder

To follow-up on my previous blog regarding “Be Aware!” Pffft...useless.” I mentioned that I find myself ruminating at stop lights. As a result, I see some interesting things. I see people believing that, “I am safe when I am in this crosswalk”

Got news for you Padre, you are not safe.

As I sat at a stop light, I watched a young man with his i-pod, texting on his phone, never look up as he stepped into the cross walk. He just responded to the beeping of the cross walk signal while stepping on to the magical protective white paint of the cross walk.

This cross walk guy has all the rules, laws and rights on his side. Crosswalk guy is 100% justified in walking into that cross walk, heck the light changed. The laws of nature say that if I miss the light, for whatever reason, he is dead. I would say that the laws of nature trump the man made laws every time.

The point in my previous post was that I can't go around on alert all the time, not possible. However situational alertness is a darn good idea. So let's solve this problem with a quote from former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, “Trust but verify.”

This, “Trust but verify” is a great little maxim to use in the martial arts, and day-to-day living. You already use it on the mat or dojo floor already don't you? Don't you have a follow-up technique if you first technique fails? Don't you follow through on a throw?

Sure there are a lot of issues in this posting, but I would say, the primary message here is; Know that the laws of nature trump the laws any city council can make.

So I guess the maxim now reads; “Honor natures laws and look for abnormal behavior.”

Yeah, nice maxim that bookends the two extremes.


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