Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recommended Authors

Mosaic of Martial Arts Books
I have been reading martial arts related material for some time now and I have found some authors to be must read material.  This is in no way a slight to authors not on the list.  It represents a body of work that I have had the privilege to read and review, so far.  Things that have had a profound effect on my understanding of the world, violence, and the martial arts.

Author and some sources of reading material. (In no particular order)

Iain Abernethy - Bunkai Jutsu(book), Iain Abernethy(newsletter).
Rory Miller - Meditations on Violence(book), Chiron Training(blog)
Kris Wilder - The Way of Kata(book), The Striking Post(blog)
Marc "Animal" MacYoung - Professionals Guide to Ending Violence Quickly(book)
Lawrence Kane - Teaching the Martial Arts(book), The Way of Kata(book)
Lt Col Dave Grossman - On Killing(book), On Combat(book)
Loren Christensen - Fighter Fact Book 2(book), On Combat(book)
Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang - Bagua Zhang(book and DVD), YMAA Publication(website)

There are more but this is a pretty good start.  Of course, if you ever have questions for me I would be happy to answer them.  I think in order to really have a good understanding of anything it requires study.  The kind of study that comes from both experience and reading(academic).  

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