Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Bucket List

In order to make sure I keep my goals in sight I am making a bucket list.  Anytime I get worn down by the day to day grind I will refer back to this list to keep my spirits up and my focus on what I want.  Of course, the list is fluid.  I can add and remove at any time.  However, if I remove it had better be to put something bigger on the list.

First, I am going to start with some accomplishments.  After all, motivation also comes from looking back to see that success is possible no matter what anyone else tells us.

Completed Goals:
  • Bachelors Degree - I have a degree in Management Information Systems from Northeastern State University.
  • Third degree Black Belt - A few days after I started Karate my instructor asked me what I wanted to accomplish with their class.  I looked at their rank and it was Nidan or second degree at the time.  I told them I want a third degree.  Since then (approximately 20 years ago) I have received a fourth degree in Karate and a fifth degree in Aikijutsu.  More importantly I have praise from a few people I really respect in the martial arts.  Rory Miller and Steve Taylor.  Now they didn't say anything like, hey this guy is the best.  Although I would like to hear that one day.  They simply said "He gets it."  That means more to me then anything.
  • Buy a house - looking back it was probably not the best plan but all in all I think it worked out.  I still have a house and it needs some work but it is home.
  • Buy a car I want - Done!  I bought a Mazda CX-7 back in June.  I really cannot afford it.  Honestly I think I over reacted to my new found freedom.  Although I must say I love my car.  
There are more things but these are some of the big ones I have done so far.  Next are some of the big ticket items I want to accomplish before I am no more:
  •  Visit Japan! - as mentioned in my last post I found out a friend of mine is going to be going to Japan in 2011 and it made me realize I have always wanted to go.  So I need to make this a priority for my life and I need to go.  It may not be at the top of my list but it is on the list for certain.
  • Pay off my bills - when I say my bills I don't mean the day to day stuff.  I have three big loans.  My mortgage, my car loan, and my student loans.  I MUST get rid of these debts, I am tired of paying for them.
  • Go to England - I want to go see everything and study the martial arts with Iain Abernethy and Al Peasland on their home turf. 
  • Go back to Seattle - I didn't get a chance to actually work out with Kris Wilder while I was in Seattle and I really want to go back and work with him some more.  I am currently working through the "Sanchin Kata" book and DVD so that I don't waste his time.  
  • Publish my own books - I want to publish books on my Aikijutsu system.  I want it to be a resource for my students and I would like to do a good enough job for others to look at it and say something like, "Hey!  This isn't garbage."  I would also like to get a work of fiction published too.
  • See my kids accomplish their dreams - I love this quote:  "Find something you love and you will never work a day in your life."  -Samuel Clemens.  I would like to see my kids doing something with their lives that makes them truly and totally happy and fulfilled.  I would like for it to be productive and meaningful too but I am afraid if I put too many stipulations on this it will not happen.  So I wish for the best for both of them.  I also hope that if they decide to be part of a family of their own that they are happy and healthy.
  • Go see, Ghost and Darkness - the two man eating lions from Tsavo Africa, currently on exhibit in Chicago.  Supposedly killed and ate over 130 people back in the late 1800's before being killed.
  • Visit the grave of Musashi - these are in no particular order but this is one thing I would really like to do.
  • Attend a seminar with Patrick McCarthy - another martial artist that I would really like to work with some more.  Being that he lives in Australia means I also want to go see the sights while I am there.
  • Visit New Zealand - I don't care about the movie sets but I really want to see more of what appears to be some incredible countryside.
  • Make a living out of being a Private Investigator/Process Server/Executive Security - I want to work for myself.  I want to be successful in a field that has unlimited potential.  I see these things as something I can really enjoy doing.  Something I can tie into my life very well.  
  • Skydive - yes I know.  I might not need to worry about the rest of the list if I do this but it sounds like a blast.  I want to do it!  I think Japan is first though...
  • Get Healthy - I want to get my weight down to 210 at most.  This is probably the easiest of the goals to be honest.  However, I have really been dragging my feet working on it.  The emotional side of this is fixed now I think and I have started losing weight.  I will post my progress in time.  Perhaps after the initial weight loss is proven not to be a fluke.  
Well here they are so far.  The list may change over time.  In fact I expect them too.  Especially as I accomplish things.  If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to more quickly or cheaply accomplish them I welcome the help.


  1. Hi Nick

    A great blog my friend.
    You're more than welcome to come to the UK and train with us anytime you wish, as my guest.

    The bucket list is a great idea - keep up the good work

    Al ;-)

  2. Paul,

    That is a great idea. Couple of minutes in a photo editor and I should be able to show proof of each event too. I'll work on that...


    Thank you very much! Might be 2012 before I can get across the pond but it will happen. It is on the list, I have to do it now. :-)