Thursday, December 23, 2010

Purebred Dog, Purebred Martial Art

An excellent observation in this article by Kris Wilder. One in which I hope my school can withstand scrutiny. I do not need the approval of others but ultimate scrutiny comes in a live test. One I hope no one has to experience. I would add that if all you want is a show dog, that is just fine. But be sure you are not fooling yourself or others about what it is you offer. Getting a show dog and passing it off to others as a durable work dog is unwise and not fair to the show dog at all. To use this metaphor.

Also, Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope you and your families all have a great holiday.


Purebred Dog, Purebred Martial Art: "
When I was a kid our family lived on a farm. When you live on a farm, rarely is there something on the farm that is not useful. Everything has to contribute to the farm.

Our family car was a station wagon. A station wagon not only carried my parents and my brother, but it also carried feed, and animals when needed.

Dogs where an important part of farm life. Our two dogs served as guard dogs, keeping coyotes away from the chickens, serving as doorbells when somebody pulled into the driveway, and for me as a kid, they where great playmates. Neither of these dogs where purebred dogs, they where mutts, comprised of Beagle, Airedale, German Shepard, all swirled together with who knows what else.

When I asked my Dad one day why we didn't have purebreds, just mutts his answer was simple, “Purebred dogs have problems.” He went on about how some purebreds had hip problems, others digestive issues, and the behaviors that where bread into them wasn't always what was best for a good farm dog.

His point was the temperament and resiliency of the mutt dog was well suited for the farm, useful and low maintenance. Further they where nice dogs with good personalities, dependable, easy to acquire and cheap to maintain.

So here is your audit, is your martial art a mutt dog or a pure bread? Is your martial arts school the Westminster dog show, or is it a working farm?

I would submit to you that the purebred art is just like the purebred dog, looks great, not particularly durable and in the final conclusion not very useful.

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