Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new workout routine: Hyperfitness by Sean Burch

I started a new exercise routine I found in a book called Hyperfitness.  I didn't have time to get through the entire workout before it was time to teach class but I got through half of it.  Wow!  That was rough!  I am following the beginner track, what Sean calls Trekker.  I can only imagine what my fitness level is going to be once I complete the advanced track, called Sherpa.

Sean apparently as ascended Mount Everest and these are some of the exercises he has used to get into the shape he needed to do just that...

Sean does a great job of also covering the basics of nutrition and the motivations needed to be successful.  Some good stories and a obvious love for the work, this book is pretty cool.  I am on week one so I will be sure to post my results as I proceed. 

Also, about 3 weeks ago I started at about 265 lbs.  I went skiing last week and have been watching my caloric intake.  I weighted in last night and I am at 253.6.  Not bad in three weeks.  Little fast but I am certain that a good part of that is also water weight.

This guy loves Squats!  I need to build my legs strength back up anyway so I am excited to get through the first 12 weeks so that I can check out my progress. 

Wish me luck.  I am going to need it. 


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