Friday, June 10, 2011

Biting Humor

So why do people insult others and disguise it as humor.  I recently heard a student from a school to which I used to belong say something that came across as playful but had a bit of a bite to it.  This kind of humor from someone that is a subordinate of the organization is disappointing to say the least.   I left the organization on good terms but feel like I am being spoken poorly of behind my back.  Am I paranoid.  Probably.  However, I have heard others from the organization say similar things about me or my school and I think it is in very poor taste.

All this implies that the person and the organization do not respect me.  As I have never made any accusations toward that group or their instructors I do not appreciate the slander.  I mean really.  Come on people.   

So, if anyone from that school read this, please be considerate, I would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to reign in the commentary from your people.  If you have question about my ethical background, family lineage, martial arts ability (or even lack there of), ask me.  But to make baseless claims and badmouth others is just...silly.



  1. It sounds like it is just politics (and poor politics at that). Don't let it get to you. You have friends and family that love you and the professional and personal respect of some damn fine martial artists and experts in their field. Don't sweat the small stuff, my friend.

    But if needed, we can always go trounce the kushi bushi! :)

  2. Sensei, don't let it get to you. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it in a negative way and was just teasing. I think I was the one who came across as saying I was too good to study at their school and he was saying "ooooh, soooorrrry" to tease me as a response. I think the fault here is mine. And even if he was being rude, no matter. Its not worth your time of day. As Alsharad said, you have the respect of other, more important people.

    For what its worth I respect you a great deal. Enough to move across the country to study with you. Don't worry, there are those of us out there than understand the real value of your instruction and guidance.

    I understand the principal of the matter, and no one wants to be spoken about negatively behind their back. If that is the case and they are saying bad things about you, I am truly sorry for them. No one wants to belong to a school that trash talks other schools. Martial Arts is about respect and honor, which is not exemplified by that kind of behavior.

    Either way, we will simply continue forward and outshine them with our great attitude and the knowledge and abilities of your students.

  3. Their words are as flies careening against the steel fortress, the intimidating structure you have wrought.

    And Amen to the other two comments!

  4. Honestly, most who use this don't really know that it is not humor but bullying. I would suggest they read, "The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense," by Suzette Elgin.

    It is such an eye opener. I bought it only because an author I really respect in the field of SD actually added a paragraph on it in the bibliography.

    No other book got the extra commenting so I got it and believe me it goes way beyond this type of stuff and covers even our very personal relationships.

  5. Thanks for the book suggestion, it is on the list. And thanks for all the supportive views. The event that initiated the comment just struck me on the wrong day. Otherwise I would have ignored it. I am good now.