Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few excellent instructors

I want to point fingers at source of a great deal of my understanding of the martial arts.  These instructors are world class.  So, what qualifiers am I using to identify these instructors?  First, these guys are all published authors.  Second, I have read their books and I really like what I have read.  So, everyone I list here is subjective.  But hey!  My blog, my opinion.

If these guys ever offer a seminar in your area, you really should attend.  They are amazing guys and I have also attended seminars with all of them and it is always eye opening.

First the instructor, a book title or two, martial arts style.

  • Rory Miller
    • Facing Violence
    • Meditations on Violence
    • Jujitsu
  • Kris Wilder
    • Way of Kata
    • Way to Black Belt
    • Goju Ryu Karate
  • Marc MacYoung
    • Professionals Guide to Ending Violence Quickly
    • Secrets of Effective Self Defense
    • Dango Jiro - his own style
  • Iain Abernethy
    • Bunkai-Jutsu
    • Mental Strength
    • Wado Ryu Karate
Without going into detail on these guys, some of them are published and some are not but they are each some of the best instructors I know.  Also, I have had the privledge of working a little with these guys and they really do know their stuff.   

  • Lawrence Kane, Goju Ryu
  • Steve Taylor, Lua
  • Al Peasland, Complete Self Protection - his own style
  • Nicholas Yang, White Crane Kungfu and others...
 Now, I have left people off that I respect as martial artists and instructors.  This is not meant as a slight to them at all.  I want to keep my list consice. 

Also, notice I do not list my own name here.  Frankly, I hope I can feel worthy of this sort of thing some day but for now I am happy with just finding the opportunity to work with these guys.

Train diligently...

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