Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review of Dukkha by Loren Christensen

Review of "Dukkha" a Martial Arts Novel by Loren W. Christensen

Dukkha is about Sam Reeves, a detective and martial artist.  The book opens having Sam recover from a recent work related tragedy.  He gets back to work and is hoping to pick up where he left off.  Instead of things getting better for Sam, he is devastated by another tragedy.  Before he has a chance to even get his head on straight he is introduced to long lost family and things begin to become even more complicated when the families problems also surface in Sam's life.

First, I know there is a suggestion for writers to always write from what they know.  From personal experiences, from things they have seen or done.  If that is even remotely true than I look forward to seeing what the author has in store for us next.  This book was a pleasure to read. I had trouble putting it down until I finished the book.

Second, there are few books out there that go into such detail in the fight scenes and I really enjoyed the flow of the fights in this book.  In my experience, it can be a difficult thing to keep the tension and rhythm of the story and not risk having that break for a fight.  This book doesn't have that problem.  The fights fit into the story very well.

Third, there is a taste of the supernatural in the story and it works very well along side the grit of the real world that I imagine the author is including from elements of his own experiences.  It is fun and fascinating without being so over the top as to ruin or rule the book.  A well done balance.    

Finally, I enjoyed the characters.  They each had depth and fit into the story very well.  The interactions they go through brought out emotions in the form of support for the good guys and anger and frustration at the bad guys. 

I recommend this book!  Everyone that reads it will find something to enjoy in this story.  Even more so for Martial Artists and those in Law Enforcement.  I think there is some great thought provoking material and if you buy this book the author will likely write the next one.  So, get out there and buy it people.  I am hooked and really want to see what happens next.

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