Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

Okay, so I have decided that I need to really get a bit more focus and set some more specific goals for this year.  In Iain Abernethy's book Mental Strength he talks about the use of the SMART plan for tasks.  SMART stands for:
  • Specific - needs to be a clear and understandable goal.
  • Measurable - clearly defined stages of progress toward completion
  • Achievable - something that can be done reasonably.  Don't plan on making a million dollars unless it is already within reach.  Which leads to the next step.
  • Realistic - needs to be possible.  Flying to, for example, Saturn is not terribly realistic right now.  Something that I can and will actually do.
  • Timely - have a set deadline.  One of my favorite quotes, "the problem with doing nothing is that you never know when you are done." 
 So given these elements of effective goal setting I have made a plan for this year.  I believe that each thing is within the guidelines that I have above.  So I will track my progress toward my goal on my blog so that I can be accountable to anyone out there that might be reading about my progress.

Please feel free to make comments, positive or negative, as you see fit.

Also, if you have a list of your own and want to share it, post to comments.  I would like to hear what others have planned for this year.

One last thing, any good document of this kind is a living document.  Meaning, that it could change or be updated at any time.  The ultimate goal is to achieve each item on the list but you never know how an item can evolve.

Here is my list:  (lets see how closely it resembles the same list by the end of the year.)
  1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Studies - January 31st
  2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Test - February 28th (test delay due to job in Norway)
  3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Studies/Test - April 1st (if possible, there may be a time period requirement between tests, I will have to look into that...)
  4. PMP Studies and Test - April 1st
  5. First Draft of my Aikijutsu Book - July 1st
  6. Major Change Planning (details left out for now, but I know what they are...) July 30th
  7. Contracting Process Improvement - December 20th (I have a list of sub-tasks that have dates assigned throughout the year.)

Well, there it is...that may not look like much but it is going to be a LOT of work.

Hope everyone has a great year!  And do post your plans, I would like to know I am not the only crazy person out there making life more challenging for themselves.  Adversity loves company after all.

- Nick

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions!

Hello readers:

I am still working on my New Years resolutions.  Once I have them done I will post them here.  If you want to share your resolutions I would love to hear what you have planned!

Happy New Year and God Bless all of you!