Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joint Destruction Project

One of my senior students (Samurai Girl) came up with a fascinating idea for a video.  Take all the major joints of the body and show a technique for how to destroy each of them. This idea came as the result of a class in Anatomy and Kinesiology.

In the list I have listed all of the joints I am going to address and then the technique I plan on using for the video. It is a very interesting project. When we are done I will be sure to post a link to the video.  

Neck - Uchi Kaiten Nage to Men Osae 
Shoulder - Yokomenuchi Shiho Nage
Elbow - Mae Kubi Shime Juji Nage
Wrist - Kote Gaeshi, Nikyo, Sankyo

Knee - Uchi Gari to a Hiza Osae

Fingers and Toes work the same for the most part but I can honestly say that the chance of getting toes when they should be inside shoes makes that kind of moot. Also, getting a hold of fingers in a fight is problematic as well. Hands do not sit still often in any sort of conflict. Not to say that it cannot be done just that it is not easy.

The plan is to have this project completed this week and edited together soon after.


  1. Your justification for leaving out fingers and toes makes sense, although there have been plenty of times during grappling where fingers are available. No ankle destructions, though?

  2. True. I have gotten a hold of fingers a few times as well. Just a generalization on my part. I will reconsider adding fingers to the list.

    Also, I thought about doing ankles as well. But honestly, I don't like heel hooks and leg locks very much. So for the sake of simplicity and personal preference I left them out.

    If you can recommend ankle techniques that can be done from a standing position I will reconsider this as well. Or perhaps put up another video later.

    Great question though, thank you.

    1. The only one that comes to mind at the moment is a shovel kick to the inside of the ankle.

  3. I considered using striking for the ankle but am trying to stay with the grappling techniques of Aikijutsu for the demonstration.

  4. Okay, we are going to throw in Yubi Dori for fingers just for fun. I think we are going to try and film Saturday morning. Yay!

  5. Just to clarify, I'm doing this not so much as a practicality exercise (i.e. here is how to win in a real life situation when you are fighting for you life), but as more of a "Hey! Here are fun things you can do with Aikido!" I don't think I communicated that well to Nick. Therefore, I think we should include fingers and ankles.

    It is more of an exercise to take what I am learning in anatomy and kinesiology and apply it to something I love, which happens to be Aikijutsu. Most people in the class are going to apply these concepts to weight lifting, or basketball, or football, or baseball, etc, which generally deal with major injuries being caused in very specific joints. Baseball players (especially pitchers) tend to have mainly shoulder and elbow injuries. Basketball players have lots of knee injuries. Football players get lots of upper body injuries. I think only in Martial Arts (which technically isn't a sport, but it is often treated as such) can you find injuries across the entire body. Especially with a grappling art like Aiki. I didn't want to include striking so much, because that is blunt trama to an area. I want to deal specifically with joints, ranges and directions of motion, and how to break things by knowing how to take those ranges of motion either in a direction they are not supposed to go, or by hyperextending the joint past its normal range of motion. It's an exercise in using the technical terminology I am learning to help cement in in my head better, and because I think it's cool to know how and why, on a scientific level, that techniques work the way they do.

    I hope that clarifies! @.@