Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Day (May 14th)

I have decided I am going to post some of my workouts. They will not seem terribly hard much of time but with a busy schedule and limited time to actually workout I am just happy I am getting any time in at all.

Today I started my morning with this workout:

  • 50 sword cuts with a Suburito (heavy practice sword)
  • Pinan Shodan x5
  • Line Drills
    • Round house kick x50
    • Front kick x50
    • Side kick x50
    • Lunge punches x30
    • Down blocks x30
    • Knife hand strike x30
  • Tetsubo Yokomenuchi x20 (16# bar)
This evening I will be teaching class for two hours.  The first hour is helping some students work on some self defense techniques for another school.  The second hour I will be working with my students to drill some techniques in preparation for testing.  Don't tell any of them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Studying Kung Fu in Shanghai

I would like to thank the Longwu Kung Fu school for allowing me to come in a study in their classes during my recent visit to Shanghai. A small fee to come try a class and I was able to participate in a Wushu and a Wing Chun class. 

The instructors were very knowledgeable and both seemed to be really good with their students. Having something of a familiarity with the martial arts I can tell when someone is teaching garbage and both of the gentlemen I worked with knew their material VERY well.

I will be honest, I did not explain my martial arts background.  Partially because I am very out of practice but also because I didn't want them treating me like anything but a beginner.  (Which in those two arts I am anyway.)

Anyway it was great fun and if I am ever on a job back in Shanghai I will definitely be going back to the school to continue my study.  I apologize for not getting my instructors names, it didn't occur to me till later than I should do that.  I did manage to get one picture with the Wing Chun instructor but missed the opportunity to get one with the Wushu instructor.