Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Day (May 14th)

I have decided I am going to post some of my workouts. They will not seem terribly hard much of time but with a busy schedule and limited time to actually workout I am just happy I am getting any time in at all.

Today I started my morning with this workout:

  • 50 sword cuts with a Suburito (heavy practice sword)
  • Pinan Shodan x5
  • Line Drills
    • Round house kick x50
    • Front kick x50
    • Side kick x50
    • Lunge punches x30
    • Down blocks x30
    • Knife hand strike x30
  • Tetsubo Yokomenuchi x20 (16# bar)
This evening I will be teaching class for two hours.  The first hour is helping some students work on some self defense techniques for another school.  The second hour I will be working with my students to drill some techniques in preparation for testing.  Don't tell any of them.

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