Saturday, February 22, 2014

Axistence Athletics
Borrowed from Axistence Athletics. Click to check them out!

Okay, I am finally back on the wagon. That is to say, I am working out again. I admit I took a break to re-evaluate a few things but Tiffani found a gym here in Denver that is second to none.

Axistence Athletics is an amazing place run by two of the best trainers I have worked with in a long time. Ryan and Dan have both got a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime dedicated to movement.  I think between the two of them they have something like 50 years of knowledge in the subject of exercise science. That includes personal experience and the trial and error needed to really know what it is to take care of their students.

To get more details about what they teach, their certifications, etc...go to their website and take a look. It will do a great job of telling you all about their focus and backgrounds.  Axistence Athletics

A key experience so for me so far: I have always had a real problem with Deadlifts. This is an exercise that is best explained by someone other than myself. Squats I can teach. Deadlifts are something I have never done right. In the high school weight room I am sure the coach was just trying to make sure that the boys in his class were not going to kill themselves. In the Crossfit gyms I have attended, one coach thought it was more of a social hour and another always gave vague and unhelpful advise. All of these left me with a pain in my lower back that was enough to keep me from working out for days if not weeks.  My mistakes have always been left uncorrected.

As an example of how great it is to work with these guys. I went in for our workout yesterday. Dan was our coach and one of the exercises for the day was Deadlift. Immediately I thought. Erg, I am not good at those. But having faith in the gym and in Tiffani's recommendation I gave it my all anyway. But again I asked questions. Because this gym is different, I got a different response than I was expecting. I was lead step by step through the Deadlift. Not just the proper posture but also which muscles that should be engaged.

When I told Dan that I am still feeling a lot of weight in my lower back (which is not comfortable and also not an uncommon mistake.) Dan had us set our weights aside for a moment and perform another exercise that put emphasis on the Gluteus Maximus. (The muscles that make up your behind, in case you didn't know.) With the emphasis placed on the correct muscle groups we went back to the Deadlift and it was a night and day difference. That is the first time I have ever done a Deadlift with little to no tension in my low back. It was AMAZING! Perhaps this sounds like a simple thing to fix to most of you but if so, how come in 40 years of trying to be fit I have never had anyone help me and within minutes fix a problem I have had wrong for a lifetime?

This is what these guys do. If you have a problem, they will walk you through the fix. Their focus on safety, functionality, and steady improvement to performance is exactly what I have been looking for in a gym.

Whether you are already athletic and want to take you workout to the next level, have never been fit,   or if you have had a long break from fitness and need to get back into things this is the best place to go. Do not waste your time with the other gyms in Denver.

And on top of everything else, these guys just like to get moving. They have a snow shoeing class this weekend that I for one have wanted to do that for years. I will not be able to make this one but I will be watching closely for the next. They run a variety of fun activities throughout the year, including prep classes for things like the Tough Mudder and other obstacle course type races.

Check out their website. I hope I see you in class soon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Joint Lock DVD by Rory Miller

Rory Miller and I had a discussion about joint locks and how to teach them in a manner better done than the mainstream does now. I have taught joint locks for many years and the material he presented in the seminar demonstrated a much more efficient method of conveying joint lock application. People with little or no experience with joint locks were reproducing joint locks without direction (and considered advanced by some schools) within an hour or the beginning of the session.

It was very impressive and because it was all done in a safe, "martial playtime" environment I am certain that the people in the seminar came away with a glimpse into knowledge that took me years to learn. (Totally not fair by the way...)

This is the material covered during that seminar and although I have not viewed the DVD material yet myself Rory Miller has my utmost respect and I strongly recommend this DVD to everyone that wishes to learn or improve their joint lock techniques.

Joint Locks by Rory Miller