Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Joint Lock DVD by Rory Miller

Rory Miller and I had a discussion about joint locks and how to teach them in a manner better done than the mainstream does now. I have taught joint locks for many years and the material he presented in the seminar demonstrated a much more efficient method of conveying joint lock application. People with little or no experience with joint locks were reproducing joint locks without direction (and considered advanced by some schools) within an hour or the beginning of the session.

It was very impressive and because it was all done in a safe, "martial playtime" environment I am certain that the people in the seminar came away with a glimpse into knowledge that took me years to learn. (Totally not fair by the way...)

This is the material covered during that seminar and although I have not viewed the DVD material yet myself Rory Miller has my utmost respect and I strongly recommend this DVD to everyone that wishes to learn or improve their joint lock techniques.

Joint Locks by Rory Miller

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