Thursday, October 29, 2015

Always a Student First

Back to Basics

First, I have recently set aside my rank again to start over as a beginner in an Aikido school here in Denver. Some of my Aiki skills are a bit rusty so I am very happy to be back on the mat and working on them. I am not sure how long I will stay with the school, but for now things are going very well.

After the introduction class is over in mid-November I will join the general class and I am eager to see how these classes are structured differently than the beginning classes. More time is spent on weapons, which I enjoy immensely, and I am very happy to be fine tuning some skills I have not worked on in a while. 

I can still see a few concepts inherent to Aikido that bother me. Things like footwork that can sometimes be overly complicated for example. However, understanding timing and how to control the balance of an opponent. Those skills are very good and something that I appreciate this opportunity to practice. I will try to post some of my observations from class in the coming weeks. 

New Opportunity

Second, I am going to be meeting with some of the members of a gym my wife and I have worked with for a couple of years now. I will have the opportunity to work with someone that I understand has some great experience in the martial arts. I sincerely hope he is open to the opportunity and I also hope I can allow myself to be open to it as well. If the two of us can come to an agreement, and the gym agrees to our proposal, there is a good chance I will be teaching classes again by the end of the year. I do enjoy teaching so I am very hopeful that we can make this work out.  

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